A mostrar mensagens de Fevereiro, 2019

Things I like

Porque às vezes há coisas que soam melhor em inglês... I like chocolate, and I like pretty much anything with chocolate and/or nutella. I like travelling and learning from everything and everyone that I encounter, it keeps my mind open.   I like imagining how many stories the old streets and buildings would tell if they could speak. I like doing surprises, I like receiving surprises. I’m basically a very big fan of surprises because they make people feel loved, and I think everyone should feel loved.   I like giving presents to my parents because they had given me everything they could.   I like singing and dancing out of rhythm, as I hold no aspirations of ever becoming a professional singer or dancer.   I like laughing until tears come to my eyes. I like cheesy movies, horror movies, french comedies and italian romances. I like walking, running and not being stopped in general. I like summer days and summer nights, and I wish the summer would never end. I like